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Our firm was shaped with the aim in Hungary that it make available the carriage wich is one of the milestone to the driving and it never have been on hand in our home. In out site you can find the veteran Ford Mustangs’s most type from 1964 to 1948. From coupe, cabrio, fastback, Shelby clone, GTA stock. Ford Mustang and Aston Martin aquiring, restoration, sales.




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KeS Mustang – About us

Our company was established with the aim that we would make a special vehicle available in Hungary - a car that is a milestone in the world of cars and has not been sold here before. On our premises, we are offering a selection of veteran Ford Mustang models from the period 1964-68, including coupe, cabriolet, fastback, Shelby clone, GTA models – all from stock.

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If you prefer European or Japanese cars, we can also favor you with some specialties.

Totalcar testing – I have never craved for a car like this before...

A few years ago, nobody was shocked when the bombastic pretty woman, Julia Roberts forgot to shave her armpits. We all accepted her as she is, with her huge, sexy lips and minor mistakes. The car manufacturer, Ford must have also had some similar idea in mind when the new Mustang was released. It was a little too simple, a bit bad, but this is how we all fell in love with it 41 years ago. - Gábor Bazsó (Totalcar)

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I haven’t seen such a beautiful car for long! Ok, I have to admit, I am a bit perverted with regards to my taste, as I have always been attracted to impractical forms; for this reason I give preference to all coupes. If a car was invented without doors and compartment, and with all four wheels on one side – the manufacturer could definitely count on my support! I was extremely fond of the first generation of Mustangs, and then the situation got worse. The ugliest was the model created in the early 90s, which was so horrible, that if it was up to me, I would have made the designer tattoo his great design onto his forehead. But this one… this one is absolutely magnificent! And all of its beauty comes from its impracticality. What purpose does a seven-league engine case serve? Why have back seats when there’s no hood above? And above all: who would want a car with strict, angular, shark-like front in 2005? Nobody. Why? Because if the front of the car is not designed well, your consumption on the highways will increase by liters, and the German customers would hand back the brochure straight away after discovering this disadvantageous feature. That’s why they don’t produce their own sharks anymore.

Sure enough, the Mustang is full of raw aggression, an unrefined character, with such strength in his personality, which cannot be compared to anything nowadays apart from BMWs - with the minor difference that these cars are not ugly. If they only have not messed up the back part, it could be a masterpiece! Anyway, it’s not so bad like this either. Nobody succeeded lately in designing something matching so much its own cult. (Unless we take into consideration another Ford model, the GT.) As for its interior, well... judging from the previous models, we can only be thankful that it’s not like a stinky carrion pit. And surprise, surprise, it turned out to be quite pleasant! Everything inside is harder than I could ever be, but the forms are okay, and a few cool extras draw the attention away from the awful materials. Did you know that Mustang is the only car in the world where for a little extra money you can even change the color of the internal lights in all the colors of the rainbow?

The old-fashioned devices are very nice, the shift selector is rather primitive but impressive, and the leather cover is fine too. Although unfortunately the first seats don't memorize the set position after bending them forward, at least they have enough space behind them. The BMW 6 series is an exclusive thumbscrew compared to this, as here you can easily set yourself in a position where your legs don't need to bend more than when sitting on any regular chair or sofa. More or less at least. In the front however, the designers left more than enough space. The space definitely meets our expectations, especially if we don't forget that this car is coming from a country where two thirds of the population is considered to be overweight – or fat – from a health point of view. All in all, I find the interior of the Mustang a pleasant place, and the fact that the edges of the loudspeakers literally scraped the skin off my knees is a blessing, rather than a curse. It tells me that the car really enjoys sharp turning, although comes from the land of free, courageous and straight. In the undercarriage there are simple supporting elements in front, while in the back there’s a Pleistocene rigid shaft. As if we were looking at an old school György Liener type car from the 70s… Luckily, I had a chance to drive it too, not only read about it; otherwise I would have flipped out. The only real advantage of a rigid shaft is that it is associated with this year’s biggest and best lie of the automotive industry: as the original American key developer of Mustang, Hau Thai-Tag said, they could have come up with some other solution for the rear suspension, but the Mustang-fans simply insisted that the world’s oldest and cheapest version is used. The Mustang shaft is held in its place in the new Mustang by four things: two radius arms avoid movements to the front and the back, a middle lug support prevents it from turning, and a Panhard-rod blocks movements to the sides. The Panhard-rod is a long, rigid bar one end of which is attached to the shaft, while the other is connected to the bottom of the car. Let’s imagine that the bottom of the car is the top part of a letter Z. In that case the bottom of the letter Z would be the rigid shaft, and the Panhard-rod would be the connecting part between the top and the bottom of the letter Z. As the length of the rod is fixed, the rear shaft of the car is moving around as it bounces up and down. Simple or not, the Mustang’s suspension is finely tuned and perfectly created. Theoretically, it would be impossible to create such a good car from such bad basics. It does not wobble, does not crackle, does not swab, and does not shake too much. Ok, it does shake a little in the back, but only a little bit. The car lies nicely onto the road, does not become over-light, does not get squeezed under its weight. It turns obstinately and without major tilting, and it sticks onto the road and accelerates and slows down as required. It feels lighter, more direct, precise, and punctual, tamer and more loyal – and sportier, yes - than I expected. The car has its own limits, but it is a more enjoyable and practical car than the average. I can hardly believe how much I enjoyed driving it! Of course driving such a motor would be enjoyable even when having a balsa suspension embedded into jelly. The new, three valves per cylinder variable control 4,6 V8 engine is not only music to the ear, but is a pleasure for the heart as well, as we would expect from an American ride. In contrast with its predecessor, which had a reluctant, lazy motor, this one does not only sing, but goes extremely fast as well. It drives very well, has great pushing energy, but enjoys turning even more. It has a soul, it is ardent, and it is simply excellent. It has 300 horsepower on 5750 rev, and 434 Nm on 4500 rev. It takes 5,2 seconds to accelerate to 60 miles (97 km/h) with manual shift, however it does not feel too sluggish with automatic shift either. The five gear automatic shift is appropriate from many aspects: it shifts gears finely and with normal speed, and as much as it worsens the muscle-feeling, it improves the cruiser-feeling. It does not have any manual tiptronic or other mysteries, it a simple automatic transmission shift. I would never choose it over the manual one, but as we got it with an automatic, I liked it as it was.

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When you push the pedal to the metal, it first cowers, then strains, rattles, and then runs away screaming and leaving happy smoke mops at then end of the two black lines drawn by the tires. And while it is a perfect travel vehicle, it also enjoys and provokes obnoxious, aggressive, and uninhibitedly hick driving. I have never enjoyed in a car that people hate me so much. It can turn nicely, clearly, and quickly, but if you want to be nasty and really want to find the mistakes of the undercarriage, you can. As you can see on the pictures, when turning aggressively, the whole undercarriage moves, it basically moves out from underneath the car’s body. But in order to provoke this mistake, you need airport sadism, as on the highways, it was such a great playmate, that I feel ashamed when I think of the torturing at the airport. When you push the pedal normally, it does not like skidding, it rather pushes its front and hurtles forward, but I’ve found the solution: if the engine break catches it at the beginning of a turn, then when you accelerate, it eventually turns the big fat Pirellis and the car starts turning across. This vehicle is like a god. I can only recommend trying what it feels like to keep such a biting fog creating, whizzing, and seething creation to direction. But only at airports! This is the stronger engine (but there’s 210 horsepower V6 version as well), and the Premium version is just fine: we get ABS, traction control system, two (!) airbags, manual AC and leather seat coverage. Nothing else is needed really; I would just as much crave for this car if it was only driven by a rubber band, let alone by this great V8. For the sake of the perverted fans, the Shelby version, which is expected to have 500 horsepower and 610 Nm is soon to be released. I will definitely have to try that one as well in order to provide credible information about it for the public. I know how important it is to take your job seriously. The nicest characteristic of the Mustang is that it is still cheap. Don’t be surprised at the equipment and the used materials! From someone, who offers us 300 horsepower for 5,5 million HUF, we can’t expect to give us marble stairs and rosewood cigar holders along with the car. This is how much a GT costs overseas, in the land of free.

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